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Winning an Award for the country will be a dream for young generation children where they can innate their  talent & skill Throwball is a popular non-contact team sport which is played by two teams. In this sport, each team comprises seven to nine players excluding 3-5 substitutions. It is played on a rectangular court with a net in the middle. 

International Throwball Federation

Throwball is much similar to volleyball We take a healthy and nurturing atmosphere to inculcate holistic development in children as it is important for them to show growth cognitively and spiritually. We at International throw ball Federation are the promise of not only producing state toppers but also national champion sportsmen.

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Throwball Basic Skills

From - 23 October 2021

The course will provide "Certificate of Completion in Throwball Basic Skills"

International Throwball Federation is conducting Online Throwball coaching

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Can we play throwball during the crisis and be safe?


Yes, it is proven by Basque throwball team. Mr. Egoitz has been 
a committed Throwball and health/fitness promoter. Pandemic 
in Spain did not stop him. He played with his children in a safe 
environment to continue the momentum, giving message to the 
world!!! This is the photo right from Basque región, Mar 2020


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International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation

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