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Throwball is a non-contact ball sport played across a net between two teams of nine players on a rectangular court. It is non-injurious game played by 7+5 players in one team. Ball is thrown across the net, to be caught accurately and thrown back within 3 secs.

Since Throwball is a non-contact, non-injurious game, it fits in very well with Sports for All theme. While there’s professional Throwball, it is also played by specially-abled people, elderly people, patients for improving health, with qualified doctors endorsement. It is well established sports for women across the world, also played by transgenders. Thus, covering all age groups, genders, and classes of the society, providing least expensive methods to practice. Throwball has affiliation from 48 countries and growing.”

International Throwball Federation


Throwball is much similar to volleyball. We take a healthy and nurturing atmosphere to inculcate holistic development in children as it is important for them to show growth cognitively and spiritually. We at International throwball Federation are the promise of not only producing state toppers but also national and international champion sportsmen.

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International Throw Ball Conference


Sports for all : Health & Social inclusion through Throwball.

International Throwball Conference




10th - 13th of March, 2023

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International Throwball Federation News

Can we play throwball during the crisis and be safe?


Yes, it is proven by Basque throwball team. Mr. Egoitz has been 
a committed Throwball and health/fitness promoter. Pandemic 
in Spain did not stop him. He played with his children in a safe 
environment to continue the momentum, giving message to the 
world!!! This is the photo right from Basque región, Mar 2020


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International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation
International Throwball Federation

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